60' x 120' x 18' Ag Shop and Storage Building

Project Description

60'x120'x18'~ 60'x56'x18' Lined and Insulated Ag Shop~ 60'x64'x18' Ag Storage Building. With 28'x10'x8' corner wrapped porch. 2' Fully Vented Overhangs, Wainscot color accent. Shop has R-25 Fiberglass Blanket insulation in the walls, and R-40 Fiberglass blow-in insulation in the ceiling. A full height divider wall between the shop and storage areas. Storage area has a full 64' of Poly Ridge Light, and 64'x3' of Poly Imperial Rib Eave Light.

1= 26'x16' Overhead door into shop, 1= 16'x16' Overhead door between shop and storage area, 1= 30'x 16' Plyco CDR metal frame split sliding door into storage area. 3= Plyco series 99E walk doors (one exterior, tow interior) 4= Plyco series CTBE500 3x3 windows. 12'x22' Office/Bathroom with storage loft above.

This Ag Shop and Storage combo is a great option for your farming needs. Everything is under one roof, and the overhead door between the two areas allows longer equipment and trucks to be brought in for service/ storage. With above industry standards insulation, and Poly Ridge and Eave Light combination utilizing ample natural light, this is a very energy efficient building.


Building Colors
Polar White, Ivy Green
Building Location
Richland, Iowa
Building Size
Project Type
Post Frame
Building Image(s)