The best part of our business is working with our clients, happy customers are the best reward. Through the years we have built a large, satisfied customer base, many of which have turned into friendships. Here is a referral list of many of our customers.

Post Frame:

Randy Sieren- Fremont, Iowa 60’x80’x20’ (Ag Shop), 72’x120’x18’ (Ag Storage), 50’x80’x16’ (Residential Hobby Shop/ Garage)

Marshall Furniture- Washington, Iowa 60’x120’x14’ (Retail Space & Warehousing)

Cory Farmer- Wayland, Iowa 72’x224’x18’ (Ag Shop/ Storage)

Dan & Mitch Sieren- Harper, Iowa 40’x120’x20’ (Ag Hay/Feed Storage), 66’x120’x18’ (Ag Storage)

Sieren Pork LTD. Dean Sieren- Keota, Iowa 72’x120’x18’ (Ag Storage & Truck wash out), 66’x96’x20’ (Ag Shop)

Vision Ag Richland Location- Richland, Iowa 72’x120’x18’ (Ag Shop, Chemical mix station, Seed Shed)

Larry Sobaksi- Packwood, Iowa 52’x96’x18’ (Ag Shop & Wash bay)

Matt Wulf- Washington, Iowa (2) 30’x144’x17’ (Mono Slope Open Front Cattle Barns)

Steel Frame:

Gary Moose- Marion, Iowa 40’x72’x14’ (RV Storage), 80’x147’x20’ (Multi Unit Commercial), 56’x156’x16’ (Multi Unit Commercial)

JWV Pork- Washington, Iowa 80’x225’x20’ (Offices, Ag Shop, Ag Storage)

Washington Ag- Washington, Iowa 80’x180’x20’ w/ two story 24’x24’x8’ (Ag Shop, Ag Storage, Offices)

Crawfordsville Fire Department- Crawfordsville, Iowa 60’x96’x16’ (Fire Station)

ACH Foam Technologies- Washington, Iowa 40,000 square feet addition and retrofit (Commercial manufacturing)