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Customer Information
If no, please provide the zip code where the building will be constructed. This is needed for accurate zoning and permits.
Basic Building Information

If you are unsure of how to answer the following questions, please leave them blank and you can discuss with your design professional after you have submitted this form.

(Building width in 8' or 10' increments)
(Building length in 8' increments)
(Building height in 2' increments)
3' panel around the base of the building.
Highly chalk and fade resistant paint system on a G-90 zinc coated steel panel.
Post protection barrier wrap for extended post life.
2' clear or translucent panel under eaves, for natural light in the building.
Interior Lining & Insulation
Overhead Doors

(Building height should be 2' taller than overhead door height)

Overhead Door #1
(In Feet)
(In Feet)
Slide Doors
Slide Door #1
(In Feet)
(In Feet)
Walk Doors

Total # of Cupolas:

Awnings & Porches/Lean-to

Awning: (Typically 2' to 5' wide/deep and not supported by posts. The pitch is also typically 8/12)

(Hipped end awnings must be at least 10' long)
(# of outside corners)

Porch/Lean-To: (Typically wider/deeper than an awnings. Standard is approximately 8' wide and utilize support posts.)

(# of outside corners)
Additional Notes